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Communicating with Clients on Skype and Google Hangouts

You may have experienced that awkward moment in the middle of a Skype call when your face suddenly freezes on the screen, and the line gets all staticky until you can no longer hear anything. Obviously this is the crucial moment that your client says something vital about your project, too. Don’t you just hate these technical glitches? They kill your momentum, shift the entire mood of everyone in the chat group, and are inconvenient because you have to start all over again. Not to mention embarrassing. Before you log into your next Skype and Hangouts video call, read up on these few but helpful tips for that smooth and glitch-free video call.

Get a stable and fast internet connection

Problems arise when there’s poor internet connection. Before your video call with your client, make sure that you are ready at least 30 minutes before your meeting. Do a test call first to check the audio and video quality. Make necessary adjustments. Close your running apps and web browsers in the background, anything that can cause your connection speed to lag. Restart your modem and your router just before your Skype call or your Google Hangouts web meeting commences to speed up the connection a bit.

Make sure you have the right tools and accessories

That means a good working webcam and a headset with microphone. Using a headset with a mic can greatly minimize echo and feedback. Keep the microphone away from your mouth, and don’t speak too close to it to avoid a blast of static, choppy sentences, and garbled words. Also, check that you have the latest and updated version of Skype or Hangouts and that your computer is fully charged, too.

Find some peace and quiet

It’s very important that you are in a well-lit and private room that’s free from distractions. You can reserve that nice little coffee shop for web chats with friends and family, but not for web meetings with business clients. You will be loud, your client will be loud, and you don’t want other people to be distracted or, worse, eavesdrop on your conversation. When at home, make sure to turn off the television or the radio. Move to the quietest part of the house, away from the kids, the dogs, or passing cars.

Don’t have too many people on your Google Hangout call

You can have as many as ten people in a Google Hangout call, but ten people compared to five will be less smooth and clear. Try to limit the number of participants and only get the most important or the one with the highest priority on board.

Have Skype or Google Hangouts on mobile

Download the apps on your tablet or smartphone. It’s a good signal to your clients to see you available online all the time. If there is anything they would like to ask or clarify, they can easily send you a message, and you can reply back as soon as possible. Nothing beats the HD quality of Skype or Google Hangout on a desktop, but when all these fail, mobile apps will do as well.

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