Clever: A Breakthrough in EdTech

Technology has become a vital part of every aspect of our lives. The Internet and gadgets, like smartphones and tablets, affect almost everything that we do, whether for personal use, work, or play. So, it comes as no surprise that technology has started to make its way to the classroom.

Although it is not yet the norm, more and more educators and schools use educational technology to help teachers and students with their lessons. There is an abundance of different digital learning applications which cover a wide range of subjects for different grade levels. These can help make the learning experience more fun. They have been effective in helping teachers personalize the learning process for their students.

For a school system to access and benefit from these educational applications, developers need to introduce their software to every school by integrating it with the school data. The data, called Students’ Information System or SIS, includes student information, grades, attendance, and other data.

Now, this is where the problem lies for both the program developers and the educators. Every time a new third-party program is introduced to the classroom or institution, teachers would have to encode students’ information manually to create the accounts. This is not only tedious but also takes up a lot of time.

On the side of the developers, different schools use different systems to manage their SIS. Because of the lack of a unified system of data management for educational institutions, the developers need to manually integrate their software with whatever the school’s system is. This makes it difficult for them to reach out to multiple schools or districts at once. These are a few reasons why educators and school managers doubt the multitude of third-party apps. However, a certain software company called “Clever” aims to eliminate these problems.

Clever serves as a bridge between developers and schools. Clever, an emerging company from San Francisco, developed a computer platform that can address the issue of data management. Basically, the Clever app serves as a bridge between the developers of third-party educational apps and the school system so that both parties don’t have to manually transfer and integrate data every time they set up a new app.

How does Clever do that? It was mentioned that different schools and districts implement different ways of managing their data. For this, Clever integrates the SIS from different school systems, then cleans and organizes them into a single interface or API. Its partner educational program developers can just use the Clever app interface to access the data they need to set up the account. This allows the school-approved application developers to reach more institutions with its fast and simple set up.

In the same manner, the app makes it easier for schools to use and access a variety of credible education technology programs. Clever does this by requiring teachers to enter the student data only once, and then it syncs and constantly updates those data with all of the other apps supported by the program. The user would only need one username and password to access the different partner applications instead of logging in repeatedly for each program. This minimizes error and saves precious time and energy.

Benefits of using Clever in the classroom

Clever connects to a wide range of educational technology developers, allowing the teachers and students access to a lot of different educational apps with just one click. This helps students and teachers log in to the apps faster. The time they save can now be used for actual learning.

Students also have access to a myriad of free online resources. Thus, they are exposed to more learning processes and techniques. Furthermore, teachers can easily keep track of and monitor their students’ information, even with the changes, because Clever syncs everything for them. This data management system also allows teachers to personalize lessons based on the needs and skills of the students.

Maria Dublin

Contributor at Kami
Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.
Maria Dublin

Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.