Chromebooks for College

Chromebooks are flying off the shelves. The product was received very well, and in 2014, many students and professors opted to have Chromebooks over other devices. The Google device is reaching very high popularity in schools, and many people are wondering about the specific advantages of owning Chrome OS over any of the other choices on the market. Basically, Chromebooks function through a web-based system where everything can be found in the cloud. The free 100 GB cloud storage keeps all of the Chromebook’s apps and documents so that they can be accessed any time you are online.

Chromebooks and their battery life

Chromebooks can usually be lugged around college all day. They stay alive on one battery pack, making them perfect for students who prefer to work on their laptop without the need to search for sockets and the hassle of plugging their laptop in. This feature also makes Chromebooks that much easier to bring around the campus to make sure that you have your files on the go.

Chromebooks are priced very nicely

Chromebooks are definitely in the cheaper price market when it comes to laptops. They can be well within a new university student’s price range because they offer great online apps and usage with very competitive prices. Some Chromebooks have prices that make them very strong choices when it comes to online usability.

All of the Google Apps are available to you

The helpful Google Apps are all available on Chromebooks and can be used conveniently for all college requirements. If you are looking for something that you can’t do yet, simply search for another app that will do the perfect thing.

Take, for example, the Kami Google App. This app takes care of everything you need and want to do with your documents and then quickly sync them. You can annotate all of your PDFs so that it will become so much easier to study them. Editing is also made easy with Kami. Aside from document-making apps, the usual sharing and email apps are also readily available for use on Chromebooks. All you need is the Internet.

Virus security

Chromebooks still have had no reported viruses since their release. Their first line of defense is the fact that they have an online storage bank, which means that a virus can find no place to infect. Other than that, Internet usage in itself is made very secure by Chromebooks. It will warn you of the littlest anomalies in the websites you visit, as well as the things you try to download.

Data safety and accessibility

Aside from the level of security offered by using an OS that virtually no viruses can attack, your data, on their own, are safe and accessible. All information is available on the Internet and can easily be accessed even if your device broke or got stolen. In fact, data has been made accessible yet secure since it is easy to borrow a Chromebook, sign in with your account, and still access everything that you had on your device.

Maria Dublin
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