• Common remote learning challenges and how to fix them
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    Common remote learning challenges and how to fix them

    Remote learning, online learning or flipped learning – all fantastic but far from mainstream ways of delivering education… until now.  With the possibility of wide-scale school shutdowns on the horizon, remote learning is getting a lot more real for educators around the world. So what challenges are likely to be faced and more importantly, how can you fix them using only online communication?   🍎 #Covid19 school shutdowns call for inventive remote education strategies. Check out Kami’s free domain-wide licenses for all schools preparing for school shutdown: https://t.co/D2xHhcZDTU#onlinelearning #remotelearning #edtech #Coronavirus pic.twitter.com/9WjBJhddOs — Kami (@usekamiapp) March 4, 2020 What challenges should you be prepared for and how can you fix…

  • Que faire si votre école ferme à cause du coronavirus?
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    Que faire si votre école ferme à cause du coronavirus?

    Apprentissage à distance avec Kami pendant les fermetures d’écoles! Votre école est-elle affectée par les fermetures d’écoles de coronavirus? Avec Kami, vos cours peuvent continuer immédiatement – EN LIGNE et GRATUIT! La fermeture des écoles nécessite des stratégies pédagogiques inventives et largement éloignées. Heureusement, à l’ère de la technologie, il existe de nombreuses façons pour les élèves de maintenir l’accès à leur éducation, aux enseignants et même de travailler avec leurs camarades de classe à domicile. Ce fut d’abord les écoles de Chine et de Hong Kong – et ici, au siège de Kami en Nouvelle-Zélande, nous avons immédiatement réalisé que les enseignants pouvaient continuer leur routine d’enseignement normal –…

  • Was tun wenn Ihre Schule wegen Coronavirus schließt?
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    Was tun wenn Ihre Schule wegen Coronavirus schließt?

    Weiterlernen zu Hause mit Kami — KOSTENLOS! Lehrer! Ist Ihre Schule von den Schulschließungen vom Coronavirus betroffen? Mit Kami können Ihre Klassen sofort wieder weitergehen — ONLINE und KOSTENLOS ! Die Schließung von Schulen erfordert erfinderische und weitgehend ferne Bildungsstrategien. Glücklicherweise gibt es im Zeitalter der Technologie viele Möglichkeiten für Schüler, den Zugang zu ihrer Ausbildung, ihren Lehrern und sogar zur Zusammenarbeit mit Klassenkameraden von zu Hause aus aufrechtzuerhalten. Zuerst waren es die Schulen in Hong Kong – und hier unten im neuseeländischen Hauptquartier von Kami haben wir sofort erkannt, dass Lehrer dort durch die Verwendung von Kami ihre normale Unterrichtsinhalte und -routine fortsetzen können – allerdings jetzt vollständig online.…

  • Remote Learning with Kami during school shutdowns
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    Remote Learning with Free School-wide Access to Kami Education

    Kami wants to help educators and schools impacted by the COVID-19   As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread globally, we want to help students continue learning remotely. Kami is offering free individual and domain-wide licenses to educators and schools affected by the global pandemic.   Get access to Kami’s free offer 💌 Fill in the form at kami.app/suspended-school-upgrade *This free offer is available to all users who do not currently have paid Kami licenses (Teacher or School/District Licenses). Initial upgrades are valid for 60 days, and continued access will be evaluated as needed. How does Kami work? 📝 Tools to Utilize Across the Curriculum Open an existing file or…

  • Kami for Remote Learning
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    Using Kami for Remote Learning: Helping Coronavirus-Affected Schools

    Are you affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19)-prompted Hong Kong-wide school shutdown? Kami can help relaunch your classroom online, free of charge. 受COVID-19的影響, 全香港學校關閉嗎? Kami可以立即-免費-幫助您在線重新啟動教室! We’ve heard that recently schools have been closed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, and that educators are suddenly trying to find e-learning solutions so they can continue to operate remotely. Down here in New Zealand, we realized right away that with Kami you will be able to continue your normal classroom environment and routine—completely online! 我們聽說,最近為了防止COVID-19病毒的傳播,學校已經關閉,並且教育工作者突然開始尋找電子學習解決方案,以便他們可以繼續進行遠程操作。在新西蘭的這裡,我們立即意識到,有了Kami,您將能夠完全在線上繼續正常的課堂環境和常規活動。 Kami entirely eliminates the need for paper in the classroom, as well as assignments, book reports, team projects, website research, homework, surveys, application forms or tests. Load any…