• Product update New Toolbar
    Product Updates

    Toolbar refresh

    Introducing our toolbar redesign Refreshed, relaxed and ready for the new school year? Kami certainly is! Our engineering team has been hard at work all summer creating a fresh toolbar design to make navigation easier than ever. As always, our reshuffle has been based on direct feedback from all our users – thank you, by the way, it’s always great to hear from you!    What has changed? Don’t worry, not too much, and it’s all for the better!  Mainly we have rejigged our tools so that they fall into four logical sections. From top to bottom we now have:  Reading and manipulation tools (e.g the select tool, select annotations,…

  • product update: new ways to share files
    Product Updates

    New ways to share files

    The easy way to share your Kami files   Sharing your Kami files has never been easier with our new ‘Link Sharing’ option! Now as well as giving access to your original file, you can provide collaborators with their ready-made personal copy – and get this it saves directly into their Google Drive!     Why have we added a new link sharing option?   We are always looking for ways to make your digital classroom efforts as seamless as possible – and better link sharing can cut out a lot of time-wasting.  The new link sharing option means that one assignment or worksheets can now be shared amongst a…

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    Review changes with your Annotation Summary

    Want to review your annotations in the swiftest way possible? Rather than scrolling down your document, you can now view a summary list of your annotations in just two easy steps. For those who are collaborating on the same file, this feature will be useful to track changes made by other collaborators. This feature is also useful for teachers who need to view their student’s annotations through a summarized view.   To see the Annotation Summary: Open any file in Kami (make sure you are logged in) In the menubar, click Toggle Sidebar > Annotation Summary   Tips: You can view the author of the annotation by hovering over their…

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    We Updated our Text-to-Speech Tool!

    While the benefits of Text-to-Speech (TTS) are for all kinds of users, some of the specific groups that see a better user experience are students with learning disabilities, literacy difficulties, those who have different learning styles and those who are learning to speak different languages. Here at Kami, we want our users to be able to use our tools to help improve the way they learn, whether it be at school or at their home. Thanks to your feedback, we are continuously improving the way teachers and your students use Kami. Today, we are excited to share with you an all-new Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool! With controls like skipping and looping a section from…

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    Introducing the Grading Integration for Google Classroom

    The new Grading integration for Google Classroom is finally here! Earlier this week, we released a great addition to your daily workflow; a feature that will improve the way that you work with Kami and Google Classroom. Teachers who use Kami with Google Classroom would recognize that the Grading window is a key component in providing academic feedback to students. With this latest product update, making annotations and markups of your own will give you a far more seamless experience. Plus, you can view a student’s work in real-time before they turn it in. Easy-peasy! Below are instructions on how to navigate this new update: 1) Open the Classwork  2) Choose…