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    Year in review: Growth, changes, and updates

    After we welcomed our 25 millionth Kami user, we took time to reflect on the astonishing growth we experienced in the last year. We recalled the many product improvements introduced to support the rapidly evolving needs of educators. It was certainly a massive year for Kami, as we expanded our team, invested in our community, and smashed through several key milestones. This blog will cover important stats from our community, exciting news on resources, and our most recent product updates. We couldn’t have made any of these improvements without you, our community, so thank you all for being a part of our journey to reimagine the classroom.   Product Updates…

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    The product updates announced at Kami Connect for 2021

    Last Friday saw the team at Kami host our free virtual conference for educators, Kami Connect. It’d be hard to pick a single highlight from a day packed so full of memorable moments, but a strong contender would have to be the preview of some exciting new features coming to Kami this first half of the school year. Ever since we started, Kami has been on a mission to transform the way you teach, feedback, and assess. To make learning more student-centric, collaborative, personalized, and available to all learners at any stage, whether in-class, remote or a bit of both.   Because of this, we also get super excited about any…

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    Kami Product Updates: November

    It has been a busy month here at Kami! It seemed only yesterday when we announced what’s to come this back to school and we’re thrilled to have been able to release these new changes in time for the new school year. Now, with assessments and school holidays upon us, our developers have been working on a whole host of improvements and bug fixes to make your Kami experience even better. Below are some of the product updates that we’ve released this month.    Kami and Microsoft integration Our developers have made great progress in our integration with Microsoft’s login system as well as OneDrive. Here are other exciting beta…

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    Kami Outage Analysis Continuing

    On November 16-17, Kami experienced a service outage due to an unexpected failure within our database. This significant service disruption drastically reduced the volume our database could handle, impacting our users’ ability to load the Kami app and successfully transfer files to our servers.    What happened? Our team identified the issue on November 16 at 11:00 am EST and Kami engineers worked relentlessly to resolve the outage as quickly as possible. Once the root cause was identified, immediate fixes to the Offline Mode feature were rolled out to minimize disruption to users. At 4:35 pm EST, our engineers saw good progress in restoring the service. However, to speed up…

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    Keep Calm, Stickers are Here

    Have you tried out Kami’s stickers yet? We are still buzzing from the release of our latest feature (and possibly the most fun yet) to the Kami toolbar. We wanted to give you a little bit more insight into how the stickers work and why they were top of our list for implementation this back to school. How can you access the Kami stickers? Adding stickers to your Kami document is super easy, and there is a range of designs to pick from. Simply: Click the Image button on your toolbar. Select the Stickers option from the drop-down menu (the smiley face icon). Click on the sticker you want. Drag…