• Kami for iPads
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    Kami for iPad

    Kami is a Chrome extension and therefore primarily designed to work in the Google Chrome environment. For the best experience of Kami, we suggest using either a Chromebook or a Mac/Windows/Linux computer.  It is possible to use Kami on an iPad, however as Chrome Extensions are not supported by Google Chrome on iOS, many features do not work as they would on another device. In this article, we will explain how to use, access, and open Google Classroom assignments in Kami with an iPad.    Is there a Kami app for iOS? We currently do not have a Kami iOS app. This means you will not be able to find…

  • Kami outage update
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    Kami Server Outage Resolved

    On Monday, April 20, 2020, from 10:45 AM until 7:20 PM Eastern Time (EDT), Kami users experienced a major incident as the result of a huge spike in demand for Kami’s services.  Kami server APIs were largely unresponsive for much of this period.    The Kami service is now stable again with all features functioning, including real-time synchronization of annotations, automatic saving of Google Drive changes (nb: manually saving will continue to work), and email notifications of annotations. Our teams continue to work on different solutions to ensure that further disruption is minimized.  This was the most significant incident we have ever experienced at Kami, and we are deeply sorry…

  • Using Kami in offline mode
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    Using Kami in offline mode

    The Internet is everywhere… except when you need it most! For teachers and students with an unreliable or nonexistent wifi connection, Kami’s offline mode makes asynchronous remote learning possible.  Here is everything you need to know about working offline with Kami:   What can you do in Kami’s offline mode? The beauty of Kami’s offline mode is that you can do almost everything in the app that you would normally do, just without the internet. This includes: Editing any document type using our array of tools such as text boxes, freehand drawing or shapes. Annotate files using the text, voice or video comments. Insert shapes and images.    Is there…

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    Business Continuity Planning in the time of Covid-19

    We went big, and we went early — both for our staff and for the community. As a tech startup, we are well used to flying in the eye of the storm. You could say uncertainty is our bread and butter, so is exponential growth. So with coronavirus on the horizon, we’ve gone big and we’ve gone early. To help support our community and the health services stem the spread of the virus and “flatten the curve,” we at Kami have decided to trigger our Business Continuity Plan (BCP). As the crisis is getting more serious, we want to share our BCP (Business Continuity Plan) with you, whether you’re also…

  • Enseñanza remota con acceso gratuito a la Educación Kami en toda la escuela.
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    Enseñanza remota con acceso gratuito a la Educación Kami en toda la escuela.

    Kami quiere ayudar a los educadores y escuelas afectado por la COVID-19   A medida que el brote de COVID-19 continúa propagándose a nivel mundial, queremos ayudar a los estudiantes con continuar aprendiendo remotamente.  Si su escuela está cerrada temporalmente debido al coronavirus, por favor contáctenos para obtener un despliegue inmediato de Kami a todo el personal de la escuela y los estudiantes. Nuestro equipo dedicado está aquí para ayudar y responder tan pronto como sea posible para satisfacer sus necesidades.   Obtén acceso a la oferta gratuita de Kami 💌 Envíanos un correo electrónico a  support@kamiapp.com   Esta oferta gratuita está disponible para todos los educadores y escuelas en…