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    Real-time collaboration to address all learners using Kami

    Speaking as both a math teacher who has taught in a flipped and purely online teaching model over the past 10+ years and as the director of innovation & educational technology at my school, Kami has been a vital tool for me. Kami has provided a way for me to provide real-time feedback to students and for my learners to do collaborative work — whether we are together in the classroom or not. A question that has driven my work is: how can we, as educators, embrace technology to ensure all voices in the classroom are heard? I believe that when we use the right technology and meaningfully integrate these…

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    Being a Kami Hero: How you can help schools and learning communities

    When COVID-19 started to present challenges to our educator communities, our resilient group of Kami Heroes was there to help. Kami Heroes are educator ambassadors who support our mission to reimagine digital learning. However, their role goes beyond the classroom—their immense dedication helped thousands of teachers, parents, and guardians when the shift to remote learning occurred.    To celebrate their incredible efforts, we reached out to some of our 2020 members and asked them how being a Kami Hero has helped their peer learning networks during these challenging times.     How has Kami transformed your teaching?   Megan: Although I no longer have a classroom of my own, Kami…

  • Kami for Jewish Studies
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    Kami for Jewish Studies

    When thinking about the teaching of Gemara and Jewish studies, it’s likely that your mind doesn’t immediately leap to cutting edge edtech. For the study and contemplation of such ancient and sacred texts more traditional modes of study spring to mind. But as the world moves online, technology is increasingly being utilized by innovative Rabbis and Jewish educators to enable more interactive and accessible study. Leading the charge is Jewish Studies Teacher and Rabbi Jonathon Simons in Manchester, UK. We caught up with him to learn a bit more about how he and his students have been using Kami. Going digital and discovering Kami A keen Kami user for the…

  • JR Renna Case Study
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    Parkland School District: Making Teachers into Distance Learning Superheroes

    Parkland School District was ready for a challenge in the 2019/20 school year. The district’s elementary teachers were readying themselves to take the plunge into 1:1 device teaching and personalized learning. As with the middle and high school teachers who preceded them, it would be a tough but rewarding transition. Little did they know they would soon have their skills pushed to the limit.  Since their tentative first steps into edtech, Parkland’s teachers, along with the rest of the district’s staff (and indeed many of the world’s educators), have drastically ramped up their tech skills. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent distance learning, they have been able…

  • Kami for kindergarten Corey Mott story
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    Kami and the remote kindergarten classroom

    “Education is always messy and this distance learning has been no exception – but you learn best through the mess! So go ahead and try these tools, because once you figure it out you’ll wonder why you weren’t doing it before.” Corey Mott, Kindergarten Teacher in Groton Public Schools District, Connecticut USA.   Kami has been at the center of kindergarten teacher Corey Mott’s life since 2018. As the instructional tech coach for his department, and a keen app user, Corey wanted to find a quick and easy way to cultivate a paperless environment for himself and his students. A great environmental and cost-saving initiative as a staggering 10 percent…