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Best Volunteer Jobs To Boost Your Career

Don’t be quick to say no to volunteer work. Some people easily get turned off by work that’s not paid. It’s your valuable skills, time, and energy that we’re talking about, after all. However, what you don’t realize is that volunteering is a great way to build relationships and find career opportunities. It’s an excellent way to market yourself because it will help you move towards the right direction when it comes to your career or your job search. If you’re unemployed, volunteering is also a good way to be productive and build up your confidence.

With volunteer work, you will have a more active participation in your community. You will have actual real-life experience that you can bring forward to your next job. It’s also a better and nobler way to spend your jobless days. Rather than playing video games or partying all night every night, you can do something meaningful. When you do get to interview for a job, you can confidently tell potential employers that you took some time off just to do volunteer work. Here are some of the  best volunteer jobs that will boost your career:

Animal Rescue Shelters

If you love animals, what better way to spend your free days than with lost and abandoned animals? Animal rescue shelters are always in need of extra pairs of hands. You can always go into one and offer your services, whether to answer phones, entertain walk-ins, or reply to emails. You can even help with feeding, bathing, or grooming the animals.

Food Pantries / Soup Kitchens

You can also be active in your local soup kitchen by organizing food drives, getting more people to donate and participate, wearing an apron, and helping in the kitchen, or just handing out meals to those who will be walking through those doors in need of something warm and delicious. If the kitchen is not your turf, you can still lend your services by doing office work or running errands. Anything that can be of great value to the cause will be appreciated.

Local Libraries

If books are your best friend, why not spend your days at the local library? You can help with organizing bookshelves, manning the checkout counter, or assisting library patrons with books they need. If you want to do more, you can even assist with running events in the library, like book signings, book fairs, storytelling for the kids, or even workshops and seminars. This will look great on your resume, especially if you want to focus on getting a job related to events marketing or publicity.


Volunteering at the YMCA is another great way to build relationships and strengthen your leadership skills. If you’re good at sports, you can coach a sports team. You can also teach different classes for both children and adults. You can even help the organization raise funds to keep it accessible to members. There are many things that can spark your interest.

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