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Best Plants to Keep in your Office for a Fresh Workspace

Plants add that pop of color to an otherwise dreary office space. In case you didn’t know, they help remove the toxins and pollutants that linger in the air. Plants have the power to reduce stress in the workplace with its very zen-like effects on everyone in the room. They are very easy to care for, requiring only a little sunlight or water. It is so easy that you can take a two-week vacation, and they will still be alive and pretty when you come back. Here are a few suggestions on the best plants to keep in your office.

Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens)

The areca palm screams tropical paradise. Just looking at those green fronds makes you think of white sands, salty air, and soothing ocean waves. Just wait until it grows to its full height. You might be tempted to bring out the hammock.


Snake Plant

The snake plant is quite a vision, especially with its long swordlike leaves that can grow so tall, they can touch the ceiling. Water it just once a week. Snake plants are very good for oxygen production and for cleaning the air. They are exactly what you need in your office to remove stuffy smell and other pollutants.


Mini Cactuses

Just pop them by your office window or any part of the room with direct sunlight. Cactuses need a lot of sunlight—water, not so much. You can water them once a month to keep them healthy. Just make sure you put them in a safe place so no one will be accidentally pricked by their thorns.



Pothos is pretty green vines in a pot. They are very high in the beauty factor, but very low maintenance. You only need to cut or trim them when the vines start to grow out. Just don’t forget to water them when the vines start hanging low.


Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Braunii)

The Lucky Bamboo are very attractive inside the workplace. They are easy to care for, and they might even bring you luck! They can be grown in soil or water, the water you need to throw out and replace every week or so. They are perfect if you work inside a cubicle with no window or direct sunlight. They don’t do very well when exposed to direct sunlight.


Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum Wallisii)

Peace Lilies are also very easy to care for. They are attractive and elegant-looking plants that can be placed in any part of the office: corners, table tops, windowsills, and basically anywhere indoors or outdoors. They need a healthy dose of water and sunlight to thrive.



Aloe is famous for its medicinal properties. It’s also a great decorative plant that will flourish both indoors and outdoors. It requires sunlight but not as much water. In fact, the drier the soil, the better.


You don’t need to be a green thumb to own one of these plants and have them in your workspace. Taking care of plants has never been this easy. If you still don’t have them in your office, maybe it’s time for you to head to the nursery and start picking out a pot or two!

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