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Best Online Productivity Tools for More Productive Teachers

It goes without saying that technology plays a huge part in our daily lives. Upon waking and before going to bed, we face our smartphones. Over the course of the day, we are also faced with multiple screens: laptops, TV’s, tablets. What were once viewed as luxuries and even out of this world are now considered as essential items.

This, of course, applies to our professional lives as well. In every field of work, the main form of communication is via email, text messaging, or other similar messaging applications. Now, everything is online; your files are in the cloud, your friends and family are on Facebook, and your professional contacts are on LinkedIn. In many ways, these apps and websites improve accessibility to information for professionals everywhere, no matter what industry you’re in. The same goes for education professionals.

The Five Best Online Tools for Teachers

Teachers can benefit greatly from these technological tools. A lot of classrooms have done away with traditional blackboards, whiteboards, and notebooks and have equipped teachers with a computer and a projector, and students with tablets or laptops. The majority of educational materials now come in video and audio format. Many textbooks can be converted to eBooks, and entire courses can even be taken and completed online.

Given these advancements, some online tools and applications have been made available for educators. Here are some of the essential ones that aid in productivity:


Evernote should be everyone’s electronic notebook. Getting started is simple and easy — make a notebook and create notes in it. Create different notebooks for different subjects or classes that you teach. Organising is likewise straightforward. Add tags to your notes to make searching a breeze. You can create links between your notes and the files stored on your computer; as a result, you will have everything you need within the app. You can even edit and update on-the-go as the app is available on Windows/Mac, Android, and iOS.



Upon signing up for a basic account, you get a 2GB worth of free cloud space. You can use this on your Windows or Mac laptop or computer, as well as on your Android, iOS, or Windows mobile phones. Congratulations! You may now access, download, and upload files to your Dropbox from almost anywhere, whenever you need to.



Mailbox is Dropbox’s mail client, so you can link both apps and attach files from your Dropbox whenever you need to. You can also set reminders for emails and set times to when you want to respond to them, i.e., set a reminder to answer student’s emails only in the morning to help manage time and expectations.


Documents To Go

Documents To Go The paid app is worth its price as it allows teachers to view, edit, and continuously work on documents, even via their mobile phones or tablets. The app works on Windows and Mac programs and can sync with different cloud services, so you can take your lesson plans, tests, reviews, and other documents with you wherever you go.

documents to go


Upon signing up for Remind, teachers can send out reminders via text messages to their students and their parents (if needed) about homework, class activities, and other important events. Since the text messages come from Remind, text messaging remains professional between teachers, students, and parents. Signing up is easy, and teachers never need to worry again about excuses such as “I forgot!” or “This wasn’t mentioned in class!”


There are many more online tools and applications made specifically for teachers that can help in specific activities, like classroom management and even test administration. The above-mentioned tools are the basic ones to help teachers ease into becoming more digital and to make technology work for and with them.

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