Best New Apps for September

Another new month has welcomed us again. Of course, with a new month comes the introduction of new apps for your mobile devices. Here is a brief introduction into five of the must-have apps within the newest releases:

Numerous (iOS and Android)

So, you’re the type who is fond of number crunching? Maybe you have a habit of recording numbers that are a significant part of your life? Then you will find Numerous very interesting. This app records and takes notes of all the numbers that you find important to track. The automatic tracker crunches the numbers from a particular set of variables configured by the user. For example, the number of visitors on your website today, the percentage paid for an installment plan or how many days left before a specific project deadline. It shows everything in a neat background where you can see all of the number data in one glance.

Numerous  screenshot

Karen (iOS and Android)

Introduced as a “life coach”, this app is designed to take its users on an adventure starting with their own lives, towards the life of the literal life coach Karen. Basically, you answer a bunch of questions in the beginning for the app to create a general profile of the user. The story then flows as you choose more and more decisions throughout the use of the app. It is a very interesting concept and is highly recommended for people to try out who want to experience something new in their apps.

Karen life coach screenshot


YouTube Gaming (iOS and Android )

YouTube Gaming is for gaming, and normal YouTube is for everything else. That is possibly the shortest description for this simple yet wonderful app for gamers. Indeed, it is as you might have imagined it to be: an entire YouTube video player app that is dedicated to things that are related to gaming. The app brings recommendations, playlists, live streams, and the newest uploads in the same fashion as the normal YouTube app, only it is optimized for videos with gaming content. If you love idly watching “let’s play” videos during your free hours, then this is a must-have new app.

YouTube Gaming Screenshot

Microsoft Translator (iOS and Android)

Yes, if you think that this app has the same function as another ‘Translator’ that we so often use, then you are more or less correct. Microsoft Translator picks up the pace, though, by having an even simpler interface to interact with (if the other one isn’t simple enough), which presumably allows you to break the language barriers easier with languages in which you’re not particularly fluent. Of course, even in our level of cloud-based data integration today, it’s no Star Trek universal translator. If anything, you can at least amuse yourself with how both Google and Microsoft translators handle themselves using the exact same sentence.

Microsoft Translator screenshot

VHS Camera Recorder (iOS and Android)

An interesting app doesn’t always have to be engaging, funny, or productive. Sometimes, it’s just all about giving something a little bit different. The VHS Camera Recorder might look something akin to a video version of Instagram, but it is as it is named: an app that mimics the recording environment of an old, classic, wonky VHS camera. The filtering options provide the lighting and the effects necessary to give it that vintage feel of the 80’s and 90’s. Wan’t to know more? The Wall Street Journal made a hopelessly dry user video and it’s the funniest thing we’ve seen all day.

VHS Camera Recorder screenshot

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