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Best Internships to Apply for in the US

There are hundreds of companies all over the country that offer the best internships, but these big companies are the best when it comes to opportunities for learning and growth, not to mention salary and other employee perks. They join the ranks of other big players that can set you on your path to an awesome and fruitful career.


No surprise here. Facebook has won the top spot for the best company to intern for in the US for two years in a row, according to a report released by the job and career website Great perks, attractive salaries, and a fun and healthy work culture are some of the reasons cited by current and past interns. These are the same reasons why would-be interns choose Facebook as their dream internship. It has great positions available for students who have mad skills in IT, data analytics, research, software engineering, and design, just to name a few. The hiring process will be a lot tougher, which means getting accepted is also getting your foot in the door. Expect tons of competition from other applicants all over the country, so you must possess the right skills and the right personality to thrive in such a dynamic and successful company.


Chevron also makes it to the list of the best companies in the US from which students and new graduates can obtain internships. Their internship program is among the top programs in the country and provides helpful and valuable on-the-job experience in different sectors, such as engineering, finance, health and environment, human resources, information technology, and earth science. Also, it’s not exclusive to the U.S. because Chevron also has great internship programs in different countries all over the world.


Google, Inc. is one of the best companies in which to work. Therefore, it’s also one of the best companies in which to intern. Aside from its impressive offices, which look like playgrounds for adults, Google also provides a highly competitive on-the-job experience for students and new graduates.

You can apply for technical or product management internships at Google. The hiring process is also tough and thorough, so make sure that you brush up on your coding skills and other technical abilities. You must also be comfortable and candid when talking about your skills in front of important, technical people.

The Walt Disney Company

One of the most admired entertainment companies in the world is Walt Disney, and it’s been voted by BusinessWeek as one of the best (ranked #11) when it comes to internship opportunities for students. It’s a great place for students, especially for liberal arts majors, to get their on-the-job experience as the company’s huge chunk of interns consists of liberal arts students, most of them seniors and recent graduates. It’s a great jumpstart for different career paths because you can work in various departments, like animation, accounting, communications, gaming, and publishing, to name a few. Not to mention the many perks that an intern can receive when working for such a well-respected company.

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