Best Field Trip Destinations for a Fun, Educational Experience

Best Field Trip Destinations for a Fun, Educational Experience We were once students, and our lives would not be complete without field trips. Field trips not only provide the educational experiences we don’t get inside the four walls of a classroom, but they also help us appreciate life through the places we visit and take inspiration from them.

From A to Z: The Best Places to Take your Class Before taking your students out on a field trip, set their expectations about proper behavior. Tell them about good manners and right conduct before, during, and after visiting the different kinds of field trip destinations. Once you’ve come to an agreement of the do’s and don’ts, you are all set to book the trip.

The following are 18 of the best places to pay a visit for great, fun, and educational field trips.

Animal shelter

Raise your students’ awareness of animal rights by taking them to animal shelters. They will not only get the chance to meet and greet with pets, but they will also see how they are being taken care of. This can be a rewarding and educational experience.


Learn the art of bread-making and sourdough preparation by including bakeries to your field trip itinerary. Have fun getting a free taste of your favorite bread and take advantage of knowing the bakers’ secret recipes and ingredients.

Children’s Theater

Watch classic plays and live musical performances with your students by booking seats for school groups at the nearest children’s theater in your area. They’ll enjoy the experience and hopefully get to meet and connect with some awesome thespians.

Dental Clinic

Get your students to learn the value of proper mouth hygiene and the importance of oral health firsthand from a dentist by visiting a dental clinic nearby.

Eye Doctor

Visit optometrists to know more about the importance of regular eye care. Your students can also get to look at each other’s eyes under the microscope with the guidance of the eye experts.

Fire Department

See huge fire trucks and know more about their parts. Get a tour at the station house, and more importantly, learn how important fire drills are.


Let your eyes feast at different kinds of seeds, plants, and flowers. Know how to apply fertilizer and do proper plant maintenance by paying greenhouses a visit.

Historical Sites

Enhance your students’ historical thinking and make them appreciate the past more by going to different historical sites in your area.

Jewelers Shop

Be informed and fascinated at the same time by observing the process of creating delicate jewelry. Watch skilled craftsmen turn scrap materials into beautiful finished products.


Master the Dewey Decimal System and learn how to use the card catalog with the help of librarians.


There’s so much to learn and explore at museums—big or small. Improve your critical thinking and make the most of the opportunity by taking notes and pictures, if permitted.

Post office

Witness the staff of the postal office process postcards and mail.

Recycling center

Learn how the process of recycling stuff works and witness the awesome end products.

State capitol

Get a tour of the building and find out who the leaders of your state are.

Water treatment plant

Learn how the water purification system works and engage your students by making them realize how privileged they are by having access to safe drinking water.


Last but not least, see and sometimes even feed different animals at the zoo!

Field trips are learning opportunities for both you and your students. Make them see the beauty of their surroundings and learn how things work. Have fun!

Maria Dublin
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