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Avoiding Sales Rejection

It is inevitable that not all sales pitches will be a success. Sale rejection is an ego hurter. However, to take the “no” of someone and turn it into a positive thing is another aspect that real estate agents should start learning.

It is as simple as this, “old rejection equals new sales.” Come to think about it, your client would not have contacted you or would not have asked you a series of questions or probably would not have spent time with you doing open house visits for nothing. If they say no to a particular offer, it only means that they need another solution for their need. This is an opportunity that should not be missed.

Approaching a client with a soft touch and positive interactions increases sales success percentage. Here are some tips on how to avoid sale rejection and turn it into a win:

Use positive vocabulary

Using negative words can create a negative picture, which in turn creates negative emotions. The same cycle happens when positive words are used. Words like “The total amount of our property is only $120,000,” are more positive than “This property is $120,000.” Do not say, “Our properties are cheaper than the competition,” but rather say, “Our properties are more economical than the competition.” Remember, positive words bring a positive impression about you, as well as the company.


Sale rejections only mean that there is a gap of need yet to be filled. Probing is the key to filling this gap. However, it is a must to do it in the most natural tone; this way, you do not sound desperate nor too aggressive. Do it quickly, too, as not to waste your prospect’s time. Ask the right questions, such as “What aspect of the property do they not like?” or “How can I better serve you? Are you interested in looking for another property?”

Explain the Benefits

It is almost likely that clients will reject a sales pitch because they do not understand or they are ill-informed. If you have not yet told the client what the benefits and perks of the property are, then this is the best time to do so. Let your clients know about the benefit of purchasing the property. If it includes lower state tax or commission rate from others, or a lower monthly mortgage, let them know.


Always have counter-rebuttals ready. Preparation is the key, so make sure that you have researched all your numbers and the valuable features your client needs to know.

Build a strong connection

Okay, let’s just say that the client does not want to buy from you. This, however, does not also mean that you will close all communication with them. From time to time, without being too nosy, you can give them updates about the business or about various pieces of news that may be of interest to them. This way, they are still well informed, and, if you get lucky, you might as well get a referral from them.

A rejected sale always opens the door for a new opportunity. It is only up to the agent to develop a positive approach towards rejection that brings him or her closer to achieving his or her goals.

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A writer, blogger, and an artist who always sees the beauty in everything.
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A writer, blogger, and an artist who always sees the beauty in everything.