• Remote Learning

    Best free tool for remote learning in the UK

    Kami wants to help UK educators take their classrooms online within minutes for free   With schools and colleges in the United Kingdom (UK) being forced to return to remote learning, we knew we had to help. Kami wants to offer every teacher in the UK a free Kami license for the rest of the school year* so you can effortlessly switch to remote learning and empower your students to think, create, collaborate, and succeed in more creative ways.    Get Kami for free ▸     Kami is the world’s #1 digital classroom tool used by over 23 million educators and students around the world. Instantly transform any document,…

  • Product Updates

    Kami Outage Analysis Continuing

    On November 16-17, Kami experienced a service outage due to an unexpected failure within our database. This significant service disruption drastically reduced the volume our database could handle, impacting our users’ ability to load the Kami app and successfully transfer files to our servers.    What happened? Our team identified the issue on November 16 at 11:00 am EST and Kami engineers worked relentlessly to resolve the outage as quickly as possible. Once the root cause was identified, immediate fixes to the Offline Mode feature were rolled out to minimize disruption to users. At 4:35 pm EST, our engineers saw good progress in restoring the service. However, to speed up…

  • Product Updates

    Kami Outage Analysis: Aug-Sep 2020

    During August and September, Kami experienced a number of service disruptions and performance delays. Most of these issues involved loading issues, performance slowness and errors relating to our cloud storage provider being down. We understand that these incidents have impacted our valued users and we’re deeply sorry for those affected, especially those who are already facing challenges with this new kind of back-to-school. We sincerely regret adding any more stress to your teaching or learning experience. Kami is committed to quickly and steadily improving our services to prevent further disruptions. Our team wants to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure that Kami is as stable…

  • Kami outage update
    Product Updates

    Kami Server Outage Resolved

    On Monday, April 20, 2020, from 10:45 AM until 7:20 PM Eastern Time (EDT), Kami users experienced a major incident as the result of a huge spike in demand for Kami’s services.  Kami server APIs were largely unresponsive for much of this period.    The Kami service is now stable again with all features functioning, including real-time synchronization of annotations, automatic saving of Google Drive changes (nb: manually saving will continue to work), and email notifications of annotations. Our teams continue to work on different solutions to ensure that further disruption is minimized.  This was the most significant incident we have ever experienced at Kami, and we are deeply sorry…

  • new kami theme
    Kami Newsroom

    New look, New Kami Theme

    As part of the recent company rebranding efforts from the name change “Notable PDF” to “Kami”, we have rolled out a new visual identity that covers all elements of the brand and product. The process is still ongoing, with some major and minor updates to the overall visual and messaging of the company. One of the recent changes is the user interface. It has a lighter scheme to go along with this new visual identity. The change is a major step away from the dark look that we have gotten accustomed. This change has been pending for quite a while. When we started developing Kami last November 2013; it was…