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    Kami Outage Report: Aug-Sep 2020

    During August and September, Kami experienced a number of service disruptions and performance delays. Most of these issues involved loading issues, performance slowness and errors relating to our cloud storage provider being down. We understand that these incidents have impacted our valued users and we’re deeply sorry for those affected, especially those who are already facing challenges with this new kind of back-to-school. We sincerely regret adding any more stress to your teaching or learning experience. Kami is committed to quickly and steadily improving our services to prevent further disruptions. Our team wants to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure that Kami is as stable…

  • Kami outage update
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    Kami Server Outage Resolved

    On Monday, April 20, 2020, from 10:45 AM until 7:20 PM Eastern Time (EDT), Kami users experienced a major incident as the result of a huge spike in demand for Kami’s services.  Kami server APIs were largely unresponsive for much of this period.    The Kami service is now stable again with all features functioning, including real-time synchronization of annotations, automatic saving of Google Drive changes (nb: manually saving will continue to work), and email notifications of annotations. Our teams continue to work on different solutions to ensure that further disruption is minimized.  This was the most significant incident we have ever experienced at Kami, and we are deeply sorry…

  • Kami for Remote Learning
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    Using Kami for Remote Learning: Helping Coronavirus-Affected Schools

    Are you affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19)-prompted Hong Kong-wide school shutdown? Kami can help relaunch your classroom online, free of charge. 受COVID-19的影響, 全香港學校關閉嗎? Kami可以立即-免費-幫助您在線重新啟動教室! We’ve heard that recently schools have been closed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, and that educators are suddenly trying to find e-learning solutions so they can continue to operate remotely. Down here in New Zealand, we realized right away that with Kami you will be able to continue your normal classroom environment and routine—completely online! 我們聽說,最近為了防止COVID-19病毒的傳播,學校已經關閉,並且教育工作者突然開始尋找電子學習解決方案,以便他們可以繼續進行遠程操作。在新西蘭的這裡,我們立即意識到,有了Kami,您將能夠完全在線上繼續正常的課堂環境和常規活動。 Kami entirely eliminates the need for paper in the classroom, as well as assignments, book reports, team projects, website research, homework, surveys, application forms or tests. Load any…

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    New look, New Kami Theme

    As part of the recent company rebranding efforts from the name change “Notable PDF” to “Kami”, we have rolled out a new visual identity that covers all elements of the brand and product. The process is still ongoing, with some major and minor updates to the overall visual and messaging of the company. One of the recent changes is the user interface. It has a lighter scheme to go along with this new visual identity. The change is a major step away from the dark look that we have gotten accustomed. This change has been pending for quite a while. When we started developing Kami last November 2013; it was…

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    Update: New Browser and Email Notifications Beta

    Each month, thousands of people use Notable PDF to collaborate with their team, colleagues, and friends on their PDF files. In the process, tens of thousands of annotations are created . Hence, Notable PDF is providing a way to notify our users via HTML5 browser-based notifications and email notifications about new annotations that are being created. We want to make sure the notifications aren’t distracting but provide useful information about things you care about, which is why we are releasing it in beta and have been slowly rolling it out across our users over the week to gather feedback. How can you get a notification? When a collaborator adds new annotations onto documents, you will automatically receive…