• Was tun wenn Ihre Schule wegen Coronavirus schließt?
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    Was tun wenn Ihre Schule wegen Coronavirus schließt?

    Weiterlernen zu Hause mit Kami — KOSTENLOS! Lehrer! Ist Ihre Schule von den Schulschließungen vom Coronavirus betroffen? Mit Kami können Ihre Klassen sofort wieder weitergehen — ONLINE und KOSTENLOS ! Die Schließung von Schulen erfordert erfinderische und weitgehend ferne Bildungsstrategien. Glücklicherweise gibt es im Zeitalter der Technologie viele Möglichkeiten für Schüler, den Zugang zu ihrer Ausbildung, ihren Lehrern und sogar zur Zusammenarbeit mit Klassenkameraden von zu Hause aus aufrechtzuerhalten. Zuerst waren es die Schulen in Hong Kong – und hier unten im neuseeländischen Hauptquartier von Kami haben wir sofort erkannt, dass Lehrer dort durch die Verwendung von Kami ihre normale Unterrichtsinhalte und -routine fortsetzen können – allerdings jetzt vollständig online.…

  • Getting started with online learning
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    Getting started with online learning: how to provide remote learning during coronavirus school shutdowns

    Physical classrooms and face to face teaching time have irreplaceable value. But with strange times come extreme measures. To protect our public health and safety we need to get a bit more creative about education access.  Whether you are in the midst of a school shutdown or preparing for the worst, online learning is the best option to facilitate continued education for everyone. Fortunately in the age of abundant web technology, remote learning is not just possible, it can also provide a creative, thoughtful and fun learning experience for your whole class.  But there remains a lot of organization to ensure that the ensuing online learning system is not just…

  • Remote Learning with Kami during school shutdowns
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    Remote Learning with Free School-wide Access to Kami Education

    Kami wants to help educators and schools impacted by the COVID-19   As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread globally, we want to help students continue learning remotely. If your school is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus, please get in touch with us to get an immediate deployment of Kami to your entire school staff and students. Our dedicated team is here to help and respond as soon as possible to accommodate your needs.   Get access to Kami’s free offer 💌 Fill in the form at kami.app/suspended-school-upgrade   This free offer is available to any educators and schools in affected areas. The Kami Premium license will give you…

  • Tech use vs tech integration in the classroom

    Technology Use vs. Technology Integration in the Classroom

    Classrooms are now a hub of technology. Tablet devices, laptops and even phones are employed to enable the great task of learning.   But the goal of EdTech is more than simply digitizing existing classroom tasks. Instead, it strives to integrate or incorporate technology into the very fabric of teaching and learning. But what does this mean exactly, and how is technology use different from full technological integration?   🚸 What are the key characteristics of 21st-century learners and how can you create an environment that will equip them with the necessary skills to succeed? 🏫 Find out here: https://t.co/vLnqGceQXQ pic.twitter.com/lnUKBcbV8A — Kami (@usekamiapp) October 25, 2019     What Are…

  • The Kami team at TCEA
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    The Kami Team’s Grand Texan adventure – success at TCEA

    The Kami Team have set down their suitcases from yet another edtech conference extravaganza. This time the setting was the wintery Austin, Texas and the fabulous TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) Expo.  The team enjoyed three jam-packed days of workshops, demos, and conversations with educators across the school spectrum. So how did we get on? Kami Team highlights We are always impressed at the passion of educators we meet at conferences, but TCEA was special in the sheer variety of roles and responsibilities represented. We had brilliant conversations with everyone, from librarians and classroom teachers to tech directors and IT staff. It was fantastic to get such a broad understanding…