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    4 Ways Kami Can Make Your Assessments More Accessible

    Kami is a fantastic tool for all learners and has many features designed to accommodate our learners who may need extra support. Let’s explore four amazing ways that Kami can support students who need accommodations with their assessments.   Assessments can be read to students using the Text to Speech tool In a remote learning environment, students at home may not have access to the full support they receive in a typical classroom. One of those supports may be having text read to them when they are taking an assessment. With Kami, students can leverage the Text to Speech function to have their assessment read aloud. Students select Text to…

  • Top 5 Kami Features for Assessments
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    Top 5 Kami Features for Assessments

    As the semester nears its end, teachers are beginning to look for ways to assess what students have learned throughout their class. These semester-end assessments often take the form of multiple-choice questions or true/false questions. While those traditional question types give teachers some insight into what students have learned, they often do not tell the full story.  A good assessment goes beyond factual memorization and challenges students to express their learning in different ways. Kami allows students to do just that! Below I’ve outlined five excellent features of Kami that will challenge students to express their understanding in new ways.   1. Use the Add Media tool to Insert Video…

  • How to use Kami for remote work
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    3 Kami Features that Assist Remote Learning

    Educators across the world have been put in a place of unknowing. Schools are closing, and teachers are asked to convert their classrooms to an online format at an accelerated pace. Thankfully Kami is here to help you and your students continue to learn remotely. One foundation of nearly every curriculum is the PDF, and Kami is a unique tool that allows teachers and students to transform PDFs, or actually any document or image type, in ways that other tools cannot, especially in a remote learning situation. Here are my top three Kami features for remote learning:  1. Google Classroom/Canvas/Schoology Integration  In a time of remote learning, a Learning Management…

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    3 Ways to use Kami in a Social Studies Classroom

    In social studies classrooms around the world, teachers use documents and images as a daily part of their curriculum. History is built on the analysis of first-hand accounts.  The interpretation of the meaning behind the words and images is archived for modern-day historians to retell stories.   While teaching high school history, I wanted to continually engage my students in this type of thinking and self-directed learning, allowing the students to become historians in my classroom.  In order to accomplish this task, I made it a goal to use as many different sources and documents in my classroom as possible.  With this task came an amazing waste of paper!  I…