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    Kami for Chromebook Classrooms

    Classrooms around the world have started to embrace technology with the increasing number of integrations and migrations to the cloud. Worth a mention is the number of schools using Chromebooks. Not only that it has been the most affordable option for educators but it has helped manage classrooms and brought impact to the way classes are organized. Watch the video below for more info about Chromebook integration at schools: Kami for Chromebook Classrooms And that is where Kami comes along. Kami is a fantastic and easy to use PDF tool for both inside and outside the classroom. Whether its making quick notes on presentation slides or highlighting key messages, Kami makes learning simpler through its easy to…

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    What to do on your Break Time? Play Agar.io

    On a break? Play the up and coming craze online. The game is free to play at Agar.io. Agar.io is a browser-based online game where you control a cell through a map, collecting pellets in order to grow. Sounds easy? Well, you have avoid being eaten by other bigger players. So the goal is to grow and avoid being consumed. How to play: 1. Go to agar.io 2. Type in your username and select your desired region. 3. Move your cell using your mouse and start collecting the palettes to grow. 4. Avoid being consumed by the bigger players. 5. Grow! Pro-tip: – If you’re small enough you can hide…

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    Kami at FETC 2015

    We had a great time at FETC Orlando last month. It was great to meet all the teachers, principals, technology specialists and CTOs. Here are some of the photos at the exhibition hall.

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    Top Education and Technology (Ed Tech) Conferences in 2015

    Don’t miss out on the top events for teachers and school administrators in 2015. They’re the perfect way to increase your knowledge of Google Education, plus explore the ways to incorporate the newest technology into your classroom. These events are about the future of education, as much as the present. You can learn about current trends in education technology, plus be the first to hear about brand new developments and state-of-the-art innovations in the field. The best events for teachers in 2015 include: JANUARY   The Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) USA When: 20 – 24th January 2015 Where: Orange County Convention Centre, Florida, USA Website: http://fetc.org You can meet…