• Kami Heroes 2021 Announcement
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    Introducing your 2021 Kami Heroes

    At Kami, we are constantly inspired by the dedication of all the educators we meet and serve every day. The energy that we see from these educators inspired us to create Kami Heroes, an ambassador program to empower thought-leaders, educators and the biggest champions of Kami. Applications for this program are held annually from November through to December. Every year we receive hundreds of applications from every corner of the world. We value diversity here at Kami so we’re honored to have Kami ambassadors who represent such a variety of backgrounds come and support our mission. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we have well over 100 Kami Heroes for…

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    Happy Holidays from Team Kami

    To celebrate and reflect on the year that has been, we wanted to express our appreciation to our global community. We are sincerely grateful for your continued support and for believing in Kami’s innovations — thank you!   We also want to take a moment to wish you all Happy Holidays. However you choose to celebrate it, we hope you stay well and enjoy a joyous time with your loved ones. If you ever need help, you can reach our Customer Success team at support@kamiapp.com. You can also visit our Facebook Community and get help from fellow Kami Educators.   Looking towards the new year, we’re excited to share with…

  • Product Updates

    Kami Product Updates: November

    It has been a busy month here at Kami! It seemed only yesterday when we announced what’s to come this back to school and we’re thrilled to have been able to release these new changes in time for the new school year. Now, with assessments and school holidays upon us, our developers have been working on a whole host of improvements and bug fixes to make your Kami experience even better. Below are some of the product updates that we’ve released this month.    Kami and Microsoft integration Our developers have made great progress in our integration with Microsoft’s login system as well as OneDrive. Here are other exciting beta…

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    Introducing our 2020 Kami Heroes

    Each year, we are impressed by the passion and dedication of the education community, and the Kami Heroes program is a reflection of these unique qualities that our community holds. On behalf of the team at Kami, a huge thank you to all 200+ educators who took the time to apply for the Kami Heroes program this year. It was exciting and inspiring to learn more about how you use Kami and its impact on the students in your classroom. All applications were thoroughly reviewed, and we appreciate the effort you have put into your entries. We are so lucky to have a growing community of educators who want to…

  • Student Privacy pledge
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    Kami’s Student Privacy Pledge ✅

    Creating a safe, encouraging environment is key to amplifying student engagement and productivity in class. Each day, our incredible community of Kami educators shares their experiences of utilizing Kami to generate collaboration in the classroom. Our customer’s privacy has always been a top priority. With our privacy policy, we ensure our users that we use appropriate security measures to maintain a safe learning environment for all students while protecting their privacy. Privacy updates We are pleased to announce that Kami has passed a policy review by the Future of Privacy Forum. As a recognized signatory, we pledge to support student privacy and maintain this commitment in all our future efforts…