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A Teacher’s Guide to Spending a Relaxing Weekend

When students hear the word “break,” their eyes sparkle like diamonds. For some teachers, however, having a break may mean having the time to finish some papers or reports or having to read books and complete overdue research. Teachers are humans, too. As humans, we need a “break” in the real sense of the word.

However, as a teacher, set yourself guidelines as to what you want to accomplish on these breaks. A bit of downtime makes a world of difference to your working week.

1. Never procrastinate.

If you want a worry-free weekend, the first step is to get rid of school matters bugging your mind. How do you do that? It’s simple. Try to finish all your tasks on weekdays whenever you can. Think as if there are no two extra days such as Saturdays and Sundays to help you meet the deadline. Do some mind control and think as if Friday is the ultimate deadline.

2. Think of weekends as family time.

No matter how busy you are at work, you should find time for your family. Usually, family gatherings happen on weekends. Take this opportunity to catch up with your loved ones and relatives. Spending time with them doesn’t need to break the bank. If heading out of town is out of the question, everyone loves a good staycation every now and again. On a side note, this can buy you some time to finish any marking due Monday (but only if it is a life-or-death situation).

3. Give yourself a treat.

Head out to the nearest salon or spa. Go shopping or dine out! You deserve to pamper yourself once in a while. It is essential that teachers get to do things that are non-school related when they have the time. Also, studies show that people who treat themselves for a job well done at work are often more productive and are likely to get promoted in the future. It is all about psychology. When you get rewards for a good job, you tend to strive harder. This rewarding system does not distinguish whether the reward should come from another person or entity or yourself, so go ahead and do some ballroom dancing tonight perhaps!

4. Recharge and replenish.

Machines do have maintenance schedules, too. The same is true with you as devoted and passionate educators. Weekends are there for you to re-charge so that you can be well-prepared physically and mentally for the long week ahead. Weekends should be your time to refuel the lost energy you had sweat out from a previous stressful week.

The next time you feel as if you do not deserve a care-free weekend, think about it as actually doing your students a favour. The more relaxed you are, the more re-charged you’ll feel. The more re-charged you are over the weekend, the more energised you are on weekdays. Do your students more favours by spending a relaxing time on weekends!

Maria Dublin
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Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.