Must Visit Exhibitors at ISTE 2015

Spending the next few days at the ISTE 2015 Conference? We’ve listed down some of the exhibitors we highly recommend you visit! If you get the chance, come visit Notable PDF At booth 313. We would love to meet you – and maybe warm you up with Whittakers chocolate from New Zealand! Yum!


Cellabus is a classroom management platform that can be accessed through mobile devices. It includes a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that is perfect for K12 curricula. Educators can use Cellabus to maintain students’ attention on the tasks in the classroom. They can also review and share digital content with colleagues across the district using this platform. Currently used educational tools, when paired with an advanced MDM and app, can bring distraction free mobile device adoption into the classroom.


Dreambox Learning

Mathematics is a fun subject, but most students find it difficult to understand. With Dreambox Learning, students will appreciate Mathematics in the most interesting way. Dreambox Learning is an online software provider that creates personalised K-8 math solutions through its own Intelligent Adaptive Learning Technology. The software also uses engaging, game-like activities for deeper conceptual understanding of the subject.


eInstruction by Turning Technologies

Integration is important in the classroom to afford students with a rounded learning environment. eInstruction by Turning Technologies is a leading provider of interactive technology for teaching and learning. It integrates the three pillars of teaching: content, instruction, and assessment for a holistic approach to learning. It has solutions such as Classroom Performance System, Mobi View mobile interactive whiteboard, and ExamView Cloud.



The Internet generation of students likes to keep things interesting. eduCanon is an online platform that helps teachers build and share interactive video lessons for the classroom. Teachers can use the content of passive videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or TeacherTube and transform them into an active experience for students. Educators can use the videos to differentiate and engage, promote self-paced learning, and prevent skipping topics that have not yet been watched.

educanon edtech

Google, Inc.

Everybody knows Google. It is a lifesaver even to the simplest, most basic questions. Google’s passion is learning. Hence, it offers free products for educational institutions like e-mail, chat, cloud collaboration tools, and so much more. Students all over the globe have been using other Google products for a more interactive classroom setting. Google Earth, Sketchup, and App Inventor have been the recent favourites of students. Check out Google at booth 1808 in this year’s ISTE Conference for more demos and presentations of Google products that every classroom will surely enjoy.google-logoLearning.com

Learning.com offers digital curricula and assessments that can keep up on how this generation of students learns in the classroom. It provides teachers a platform where they can customise digital content and deliver it to students. Simply put, Learning.com helps integrate technology in everyday instruction.learning_com_logo-55f194c27ec5bf8834b00576da87eb51Notable PDF

Notable PDF is a cloud-based PDF viewer, but it is more than just a mere viewer. It helps in classroom collaboration through various tools such as Annotate, Underline, Highlight, Add Text, Strikethrough, and Drawing. It works on any browser, and can be perfectly paired with Google for Education. Learn more about Notable PDF at booth 313 in ISTE Conference 2015.Notable PDF

Texthelp Systems

Texthelp Systems is a literacy learning software that help struggling students read and write with confidence. Their products include Read&Write GOLD, which helps students improve their reading, writing, and researching skills, and Fluency Tutor, which assists students in communicating their thoughts fluently and comprehensively.Texthelp LogoTinkerine Studios

Nowadays, 3D printing is becoming more popular. There was even a guy who created an automobile using a 3D printer. Tinkerine Studios can help you bring this creativity in the classroom with its affordable 3D printer tailored to the needs of the education sector. It also has Tinkering U, an online platform that can help teachers integrate 3D printing in daily classroom activities.Tinkerine Studios Logo PNG

Vernier Software & Technology

Vernier is a leading innovator focusing on STEM-based (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) software and technology. It develops creative ways to allow students to have a hands-on experience when it comes to learning about STEM. Recently, it combined its current interface and software with LEGO NXT robotics. It is one of the most amazing things you can see at ISTE.vernier


Zyrobotics develops personalised products by adapting to each’s needs. Hence, children ages 3 to 12, with or without special needs, can enjoy Zyrobotics for education and accessible play. This year, Zyrobotics focused on STEM education and developed OctoPlus and OctoMinus to create an interesting gaming environment to teach common mathematical skills. These applications combine education and therapy to adequately respond to the needs even of children with disabilities.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMTAAAAJGRkYzUxYzhmLTNhMTItNDE3MC1iYThlLTQxMzU0ODk1OWVlMw

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