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8 Things to Learn from Fictional Teachers

Sometimes, it is the script; sometimes, it is the character per se. Regardless of which, everyone has learned a lot from inspiring teachers in the movies. Here are eight amazing fictional professors every student wished they had in school and what they instilled in everyone’s hearts and minds.

Dumbledore, Harry Potter

The head of House Gryffindor and the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore is not only these but is also the greatest wizard the world of Harry Potter has ever known. What more can a student want? Despite all the magic anyone could ever think of, Professor Dumbledore taught everyone that words are mere words and do not mean anything. It is actions that show one’s true nature.


Yoda, Star Wars

Yoda, with his weird sentence constructions, taught everyone that skill and intelligence are not enough. Experience and practice are still the best teacher. Yoda helped Luke Skywalker through practice. He did not impose upon or command Luke to do things in a particular manner; rather, he merely suggested alternative approaches and ways to perform a task.



Mr. Keating, Dead Poet’s Society

The corduroy-wearing professor in the stuffy all-boys school has the most boring subjects—poetry and literature—yet, he teaches us one of life’s most valuable lessons. His unorthodox teaching methods leave a lasting lesson: that life is about independence and critical thinking.

Ms. Norbury, Mean Girls

Everyone loves Ms. Norbury for two reasons. First of all, she is played by Tina Fey. Second, as a witty math teacher, she calls out bullies. Aside from being tough and facing problems head on, she is a total feminist.


Miss Honey, Matilda

Miss Honey is a mild-mannered and quiet person. She never raises her voice, and she is adored by every student under her care. She shows everyone that determination is the key and that even when life brings you down, there will be people who will help and guide you. She also teaches everyone that education is one of the most important things in life.


Professor Snape, Harry Potter

No one might want to brush elbows with Professor Snape, but he sure teaches Harry more than he could ever imagine. He shows everyone that there is always meaning behind every little thing that happens. One might not have the wisdom to comprehend it at the moment, but it is sure to come later on.


Charles Xavier, X-Men

Professor X is the perfect role model. He is brilliant, and a great visionary. He inspires everyone by showing that there is a gift behind every bit of hardship.


Edna Krabappel, The Simpsons

Edna was not the epitome of “best teacher ever,” but she taught everyone a great deal. She was the overqualified teacher who got her life turned upside down when her husband ran off with their marriage counselor. Her life has been very bitter, but she remains steadfast. She shows everyone that even when things do not turn out fine, one can have a glass of wine and live on.

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