7 Essential EdTech Tips for School Leaders

Because technology is now a huge part of education, it is important that key players, especially school leaders, make education technology more effective. Here are seven important tips for school leaders to make technology and education work together for better learning:

Give teachers the necessary training

When a new approach is implemented in teaching, teachers should be prepared with the right training, knowledge, and skills needed for this implementation. If technology is used in education, then teachers must go through certain training to learn relevant things like troubleshooting, familiarity with the web, teaching tools and applications, and technical assistance. The effectiveness of new implementations is often dependent on how teachers apply it. Expect that a lack of knowledge and skills will lead to incompetence.

Redefine education based on what it is now

Technology can never replace education’s real essence, but because it influences today’s education, it is important to embrace it as part of learning. EdTech deserves an understanding from school leaders, teachers, students, and their parents, and it should be considered as an opportunity to improve the education system. Thus, redefining education as learning with the help of technology and changing the perspective on assessing the effectiveness of teaching methods should be done to accept EdTech completely.

Explore new techniques

School leaders must identify which approach will make new implementations effective. Perhaps changing the modules and the style of teaching will work with EdTech and will make learning easier and more fun than the conventional way of teaching.

Encourage interaction among teachers

Whether they admit it or not, all teachers have different ways to make their students learn efficiently. Most of the time, they develop techniques based on their experiences in teaching. Surely, they will learn from each other if they share what they have discovered and developed.

Encourage student participation

Teaching should not be a monologue where only the teacher shares what he or she knows. Students nowadays are much smarter because they are exposed to what the Web can offer. Encouraging them to share what they know will add to the learning of their other classmates and will increase their self-confidence.

Ask for feedback

The shift of education from its conventional form to EdTech is still not ripe and will need insights from different perspectives. Asking teachers, students, and parents about how they are affected by this implementation and how can it become more effective will help you develop useful strategies.

Use productivity tools and learning applications

The Web has so many things to offer to make learning and teaching more convenient and easier for both teachers and students. The use of applications like Kami can help both teachers and learners in optimising workflow, collaborating with others while providing them the comfort of sharing these files through a cloud connection.

It is important to find ways to make teaching and learning competent and effective. Technology cannot be avoided, so it is best to make the most out of it and accept it as part of the new education system.

Maria Dublin
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Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.