7 Reasons Why Schools Are Moving To Chromebooks

The race is on for technology giants as more and more schools put a premium on the value of education through technology.

Earlier in the race, Apple’s iPads had the upper hand. However, after the much-publicised controversy, surrounding the Los Angeles Unified School District’s iPad contract in 2013, the limelight has shifted to the more economical Chromebooks. In the United States alone, comparative sales in the third quarter of 2014 would reveal that there were more Chromebooks shipped to schools than there were iPads.

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1. The Advantages of Chromebooks

The increasing popularity of Chromebooks can be attributed to many factors. Here are only six of the reasons that schools have seemingly preferred Chromebooks over iPads in recent years:

2. Chromebooks are economical.

The price of Chromebooks vary, but you can acquire one for less than $200. In contrast, an iPad Air would cost between $329 to $600, on the average, depending on the storage size. If you factor in the cost of the device’s repair and maintenance, the gap between the prices of these two products will be even wider and more evident.

3. Chromebooks are less susceptible to theft.

In terms of resale value, iPads have a higher rate than Chromebooks, making iPads more attractive to burglars. In case, however, that a Chromebook is stolen, it is way easier to replace than an iPad.

4. Sharing is possible with Chromebooks.

An iPad requires its user to sign in with an Apple ID that solely belongs to that user. The ID can only be changed when the device itself is reset, making the sharing of iPad device fairly difficult. In contrast, with Chromebooks, a user can just conveniently sign out to allow another user to sign in with his own account. Once signed in, the settings and data of the other user are automatically synced. This is ideal for schools who may opt to buy, for instance, 30 units of Chromebooks and leave them in a classroom for students to use. No need to issue individual units to each student. This makes purchasing Chromebooks over iPads more cost-efficient.

5. Chromebooks are more convenient to use when doing research work.

Even at this age when tablets and touch-screen gadgets seem to diminish the value of keyboards, students who are working on a research paper probably think otherwise. Typing is easier with a keyboard. Surely, you can buy Bluetooth keyboards to complement your iPads, but that is just more costly. Meanwhile, a Chromebook has a built-in keyboard, and so students can do a lot of typing for their projects and research.

6. Chromebooks are easier to manage.

Chromebooks are easy to use, especially if you are already using Google Apps. They are easy to manage. That’s because Chromebook management is embedded into the Google Apps Admin console. In effect, teachers can then devote more time to teaching than troubleshooting.

7. Chromebooks offer better security.

Last but not the least, because of its Google Cloud feature, data loss caused by malware is not a student’s nightmare anymore. For students doing their school work, this is such a huge relief.

Still wondering what Chromebooks can offer you? This video makes it pretty clear as to why your schools need Chromebooks to be a part of it.

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