5 Things in Schools that May Perish as EdTech Evolves

Education continues to evolve with new technologies that are constantly being introduced to the market. Today, education has been modernized so much that students and teachers no longer need to rely on traditional ways of teaching and learning. Because of the incessant prowess of technology, it is not surprising that certain educational practices and materials may entirely disappear in the years to come. Some of these are the following:


Nowadays, textbooks are considered to be outdated. Gone are the days when students have to carry big backpacks filled with heavy textbooks. Due to the emergence of new gadgets like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, students don’t have to buy heavy textbooks or bring them to school. Students can simply download electronic books online using their up-to-the-minute gadgets. There are lots of reference materials online that they can use for their homework and projects. Also, myriad online learning tools can easily replace thick and heavy books that most students want to get rid of. Though textbooks are still available today, the time will come when they will cease to exist in the classroom.


Paper is still widely used in schools today. It is everywhere. Both teachers and students use paper for homework, projects, tests, lesson plans, grading sheets, and report cards. However, with the emergence of new gadgets and online applications, paper is now becoming less functional than before. Though it’s hard to imagine face-to-face teaching without paper, it is highly possible that paper will disappear as it is replaced by modern technologies.

Attendance Sheets

Students’ attendance is the first thing that teachers check before they commence classes. With the use of attendance sheets, they can record and keep track of their students’ attendance. However, attendance sheets do not ensure accuracy, and they are time-consuming. While they are still used today, they can easily be replaced by different technologies like biometrics, which works automatically and is very convenient and accurate.

Computer Laboratories

Computer laboratories have long been used in many schools globally. However, with lots of automated gadgets, apps, and learning tools available today, do students still need to go to computer labs? Almost all students own a laptop or tablet nowadays, and even teachers are now adept at modern gadgets. With this fact, the role of computer laboratories is already fulfilled by new technologies. Also, more gadgets will be invented in the future, and eventually, computer laboratories will no longer serve any purpose.


Some students only go to libraries because they have to. Before, without going to libraries, students could not do their homework, especially for research projects. At present, however, students can finish their projects in no time without going to libraries and using different books for resources. This is simply because the World Wide Web offers everything that they need for their educational requirements.

Maria Dublin
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