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5 Most Important (Startup) Garages in the World

Startup life is difficult. Since the early days, young entrepreneurs do not have anything aside from their brilliant idea and vision. With no money, limited resources and short runway, startups need to resort to what they have.

So what makes a garage ideal workplace? Well, it’s free. All you need is to ask your parents, and convince them that what you’re doing is groundbreaking. Garages are spacious enough to set up your computer tables and bring in your startup buddies for late night sessions.

We rounded up the four most important garages that played a major role in building the tech industry.

5. Box

Founders: Aaron Levie (CEO) and Dylan Smith (CFO)
Box’s current value: $2 billion
Year: 2005
Cloud-based files storage application, Box, started in family member’s garage in Silicon Valley.


4. Amazon

Founder: Jeff Bezos
Year: 1995
Amazon’s current value: $165 billion
Biggest online retailer started at Bezos’ garage. Sources say he chose to rent the house in 1995 because it has a garage. He wanted to be able to say his company started in a garage.


3. Google

Founders: Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Google’s current value: $382 billion
Year: 1998
Yes, the tech giant also started in a rental garage when they were still students at Stanford.


2. Apple

Founders: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
Apple’s current value: est. $624 billion
Year: 1976
The infamous garage is depicted in the recent biopic movie about Steve Jobs. The humble house is now designated as a ‘historic resource’ by the Los Altos Historical Commission.


1. Hewlett-Packard

Founders: William “Bill” Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard.
HP’s current value: $70 billion
Year: 1939
Why HP on top of the list? Well, without HP there won’t be Silicon Valley, and probably, without Silicon Valley the tech startup generation might not have been possible. The garage and the whole property is now a private museum, considered by many to be the ‘birthplace of Silicon Valley.’



Who would have known garages will play a major role in the tech industry? Unfortunately, Notable PDF wasn’t founded in a garage. Maybe we should reconsider.

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Alliv Samson is Kami Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. Follow Alliv at @allivsamson
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Alliv Samson is Kami Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. Follow Alliv at @allivsamson