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5 Google Apps that are Great for Homework

Students have a daunting task of juggling requirements that their subjects throw at them. A lot of tools are available on the Internet to help students get by. Google, for instance, has a lot of applications in their store that will enable a struggling student to handle all his/her tasks. Here are the top 5 applications Google has to offer that students should try:


Formerly known as Notable PDF, Kami is a document viewer that also enables you to view, annotate, and do collaborative works with other users online. You can highlight, underline text or add comments to particular sections of the document.

Premium features include drawing shapes, free-hand drawing, and inserting electronic signatures. Security is guaranteed since all files are encrypted with SSL. Kami is very simple to use, with its design and layout being intuitive. Accessibility is higher, and editing is done quicker as compared to other tools available online.


RefME is an application that helps generate the citation of references in the correct style and format. There are more than 7,000 styles available in its database. It also allows you to scan the barcodes of books and journals using your device so that they can also be included in the list of references.

Collaboration is also possible. The user can send invites to colleagues working on the same project. Old references from past projects can be used for a new one by simply moving it to a new folder. The highlighter feature can automatically generate quotations for essay writing.


Do you often forget your list of homework for the following day? MyHomework is a multi-awarded student planner application for high school and college students. It has a modernistic layout and interface that is very easy to use. The planner can be used without an internet connection.

Keeping track of requirements is now easier with its homework organizer, homework widget, class schedule, and homework calendar. The Premium Edition lets you choose from 60 themes that suit your style. It also enables you to post pictures and files to your assignments and classes.

Google Apps Suite

The Google Apps Suite is a complete package that is useful for doing research, documentation, and collaborative projects. The package includes a lot of useful applications, such as: Google Docs, which provides a venue for students to collaborate and view each other’s work in real time; Google Scholar, which provides electronic journals and literature; and Google Books, which compiles a collection of electronic references for different areas of interest.


Anki is an application that generates electronic flash cards to aid you in memorization. The “Spaced Repetition” method it utilizes can evaluate how well you memorize each flash card. It also determines if you need to study the particular flashcard again. You can create flashcards with words, pictures, sounds, or video clips. The application can be installed in a smartphone so you can review during your travel time.
Technology has created many tools to help the student in his academic workload. All the student needs to do is access these tools and determine which will be able to help him the most.

Maria Dublin
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