5 Best Free Homework Management Tools for Digital Students

Who says there’s no homework on the weekends? Whether we like it or not, assignments are part of our lives as students. Here, we are trained to become responsible individuals by submitting our work on time and managing all the assigned tasks given to us. However, there are instances where we fail to accomplish them because of several unending reasons almost identical to why we are always late to class.

Homework Management, Anyone?

Yes, homework management is what we need. For the past few decades, education has evolved from a normal classroom filled with a plethora of reading books and manually written instructional materials to a highly advanced digital classroom equipped with numerous e-books and other paperless documents. With those things present, having assignments is inevitable. That is why we need the best companion in solving these unwanted issues and whatnot.

Below are the top 5 best free homework management apps that can help digital students achieve that A+!

Kami (formerly Notable PDF)

Kami (formerly Notable PDF) is an all-in-one online office suite developed to improve document workflow and allow editing, annotating, and collaborating on a wide range of documents such as PDFs and Microsoft Office.With the rapid uptake of Chromebooks as schools around the world move to paperless environments, Kami allows users to interact online with documents created in a variety of formats.


myHomework is a great organizer to keep track of your schedules and activities. It is also jam-packed with several UI themes to make sure you get the best feel every time you are notified with your homework widget. The best part is that you can access all of these features for free.

Snap Homework

App Just like what the app name Snap Homework suggests, in just a single snap, you can instantly obtain your assignments and organize them accordingly. Moreover, the user can also upload photos and share it with the rest of the class to make sure that important activities will never be missed.

Homework Planner

Homework Planner is an easy-to-use homework organizer that lets you do grade tracking, timetabling, and planning. All the names of the possible subjects are already included, so all you have to do is to disseminate your tasks according to their field.

Show My Homework

Not only can Show My Homework literally show your homework, but it can also notify you with your school’s important events to make sure you and the rest of the class can participate.

It is never too late for us to make a change. We need to be innovative. With all these apps readily available on the internet, it only takes one palm, one individual to fulfill your goals in a duly manner, and that person is you. Your future depends upon your actions and decisions. So get up, fix yourself, and aim for your target grades.

Maria Dublin
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