4 Apps for Keeping Organised When Travelling

Productivity and efficiency during travel, whether for work or leisure, is not just all about saving time and money. Most of the times, it is those simple organizing rules and systems that make everything more efficient and convenient. Fortunately for us Android users, there are a plethora of different apps that can aid us in these, and here are some of the few notable ones that you’ll want to use:


This one gets an obligatory entry on the list because of its long-known reputation as one of the most commonly used travel search, information, and booking websites. The difference in what we are about to show off about it, of course, is in its Android version. Flight and hotel search functions are now literally right at your fingertips. There is the standard GPS integration like most other navigation apps, but complexity-wise, the interface of the mobile version isn’t much different. Visual data options provide additional info, some in real time, and the reviews can be sorted conveniently from the latest to the most detailed.

Expedia App Screenshot


If you need a quick way to book flights on the fly (no pun intended), then Kayak may be another alternative option for a second travel opinion. Also originally a search website, the app can search for flights and hotels, all the while being able to pre-pay for reservations and rentals on the app itself (or on site). While most bookings are done directly through the app, it may occasionally (or usually) lead you to a partner site to complete the booking process. Not that it’s uncommon for other hotel or flight search apps, though still quite important for those who plan to actively use its booking features for frequent flights.

Kayak App Screenshot


For an app that you need to help you with the travel itself, TripIt is one great recommendation we can give. Need an easily-accessible, automatically arranged and organized business schedule? Perhaps you might require a simple organizer that can help neatly line up all of your tourist destinations in your self-made itinerary? This app does it all for you by connecting all of your email accounts, as well as confirmation numbers on flights, hotels, and restaurants that you might have booked or reserved already. All you need to do is skim the cleanly laid-out table or list so that you won’t miss out on anything.

TripIt App Screenshot


Keeping you organized doesn’t always mean planning out every single thing beforehand. You’ll always encounter something a bit different that might change the course of your business trip or itinerary. For those situations, a nice note app can be helpful to save information that you’ll need. We know, Evernote just seems always to be the go-to app for everything and anything that would require information retrieval. But what can we do? It’s just that convenient to use. Just try it, and you might find that extra backup copy of your entire itinerary on Evernote much more useful than you previously imagined.

Evernote App Screenshot

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