3 Ways Private Schools Experiment with EdTech

Different schools around the globe are now working on incorporating technology in classrooms. It is not only because new technologies make teaching and learning easier but because students need to practice the application of modern technology in education and further enhance their technological skills and abilities. Essentially, public and private schools have different approaches to utilizing EdTech. While public schools introduce EdTech to students at an early stage, private schools have their own strategies. Here are some ways they experiment with EdTech.

Bring your Own Device Programs

In most public schools in the US, each student is provided with his or her own device. It can be a tablet, a laptop, or an iPad. This is to make sure every student will be able to catch up with the lessons and activities in school without spending their parents’ hard-earned money on these modern devices. However, not all school districts have ample funding for the implementation of 1:1 programs. This is actually why most private schools do not consider such programs to achieve their EdTech goals. Nonetheless, they created a new program that is the opposite of 1:1 program.

Because most students in private schools have the means to buy expensive and up-to-date devices, those schools have implemented the Bring your Own Device (BYOD) method. This program apparently allows the integration of technology to education and encourages students to become more tech savvy while still staying focused on their studies. It also helps students learn and do things independently with the assistance of modern devices.

Authentication Procedures

One of the problems found in BYOD programs is that students can easily get distracted by different online apps, games, and websites, especially Facebook. For this reason, private schools build authentication procedures to prevent access to unsuitable sites, especially social media sites.

Authentication procedures aim to ensure that students’ attention will not be diverted to non-educational sites and apps. They also make clear to students that they can only use specific programs and apps that are related to the lessons and activities in the classroom. Indisputably, this strategy that private schools utilize is an excellent way to test the self-discipline of students and help them focus on the things they need to do in the classroom. Not only will they become adept with modern technology, but they will also realize its value to education.

Personalized Teaching

Another way that private schools experiment with EdTech is through personalized teaching. Because technology has great personalization potential, teachers tend to personalize their teaching as well as the educational materials that they provide the students with. Even interactions can be personalized using modern devices. Private teachers use this strategy to easily respond to the needs of the students individually. Apparently, technology is not enough to satisfy their education needs, in spite of its potency. Thus, the teachers are there to guide the students and make sure they are learning while utilizing technology.

Personalized teaching, above all, will make students more connected to their teachers as they help each other achieve their educational goals.

Maria Dublin
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