3 Features on Google Docs You Didn’t Know About

Before you dismiss Google Docs as just another cloud-based, document- editing tool, think again. Though no one can deny that Google Docs has revolutionized the way we work, both alone and with other people, you have to admit that we sometimes use Google Docs simply for what it’s made for—typing and editing. Now, that is not a bad scenario. Anything that makes our lives easier is a welcome change. No need to worry about finding a common schedule to meet up with project team members and miscommunication, as all that can be done away with by the use of Google Docs.

But what if you’re not maximizing the use of Google Docs? You’re just losing out on features and functions that are available right in front of you. Google Docs is full of features that will certainly surprise you, make your life easier, and change the way you work. Read on to find more about the three strange things you can do with Google Docs that will increase your productivity.

Document templates

Nothing is more frustrating than staring at a blank, white page for minutes and even hours at a time trying to find the right words to begin writing. Whether you are doing a creative writing piece or a professional and formal letter, making use of templates can instantly get you writing. After all, the first thing to do to get you started is by writing a few words—eventually, everything else will flow.

Google Docs allows you to save a template from a Google Drive file that will instantly get you started on your next project. You can use your company’s brand, logo, or letterhead and save it as a template. Share it with other people in your department or team to have a more unified look for all your projects, presentations, and letters. Don’t let writer’s block delay you and get you down. Avoid staring at a blank page with a template and you’ll immediately know how to proceed.

Voice composition

Have you ever wished you had a secretary to dictate things to and have them transcribe it for you? Well, say hello to your dreams coming true with the Voice Typing feature of Google Docs. Even better, this feature is available for both mobile and desktop, so you can dictate your thoughts anywhere you go. Use this feature by simply activating it and speaking into your device’s microphone. Make sure to proofread it before printing or sending it out, though.

Images in Editable Documents

It’s such a wonderful world we live in; we can blur the lines between material things and the digital world. It’s even better when you can do all of these things for free, anywhere you go, with the device that’s right in your hands. Google Docs features a tool called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that allows you to edit an ink-and-paper page in your Google Doc. The applications for this tool are endless; whether you’re using it for legal documents or a recipe for your favorite dish, it will change your life forever.

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Maria Dublin
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