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3 Big Reasons Why Kami Will Make Your Freelance Life Easier

Do you ever send a PDF to a client for approval, minutes later finding your inbox clogged with long, confusing email threads brimming with feedback and changes?

Luckily, the time you spend scouring your inbox for client feedback can be transformed into billable hours with a handy new app. Kami transforms traditional PDFs into interactive documents to make any freelancer’s life less complicated. This super easy-to-use app makes client interaction easier, faster, and less complex as you can directly share all PDFs with annotations, highlights and feedback written directly onto the document. All freelancers can use Kami, from graphic and web designers to copywriter and illustrators. But how does the app really help freelancers?

Kami makes client interaction simple, clear and concise; every freelancer dream

This app keeps it simple; allowing your client to highlight text, add comment bubbles to images and copy, and even insert feedback directly onto the document. This cuts down emailing time and stress, plus lets you see clear visual cues and feedback directly on the working document. Fewer emails? Yes please! Ultimately, it all comes down to sharing.

You and I know sharing and creative collaboration are a freelancer’s bread and butter.

Instead of CC’ing collaborators on emails, share your annotated PDF’s via Google Drive, Dropbox or Box. Easy access to these files make remote freelancer collaboration far more efficient, keeping everyone’s creative juices flowing. If you work with a Chromebook, even better! While the app works perfectly with any computer, its PDF viewer is enabled with deep Chrome OS integration to keep things running smoothly.

The clear, user-friendly design of Kami also helps make your life easier.

Easily clickable buttons, self-explanatory functions and a clear, bold PDF viewer help you concentrate while working quickly. If you start to get screen eye, a fanciful name for a very real problem that affects 10 out of 10 freelancers (a guestimate) print out your PDF complete with annotations, comments and highlights to ponder your work away from your computer. Plus! If you’re worried you deleted your original word doc, you can copy and paste text straight from the PDF into your word processing software. This saves you time searching through your computer’s trash can, giving you more time for billable work! Brilliant!

When you’re a freelancer, it’s all about optimising your time. Don’t waste valuable energy on boring admin, scouring email threads and awkward, disjointed client interaction. Share colourful, interactive PDFs with collaborators and clients to make working together more interactive, inclusive, and bright!

Start using Kami now

*This post was updated September 8th, 2015 as a reflection of the companies rebranding.

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