20 Tools for More Productive Days

For busy people, 24 hours each day is not enough to complete the tasks they need to finish and have the rest they need. This is especially true for people who work and take care of their families at the same time. If you are one of those busy people who are married to deadlines, here are some productivity tools to lengthen your days, in random order!

Toggl: This tool works like a timer to help you keep track of time. It also gives you specific reports of your weekly schedule.

Rescue Time: Rescue Time is also a time-tracking tool, but it is more advanced than Toggl. It helps you keep track of the sites and programs you often use, thus helping you distinguish which things eat up your time the most.

Google Drive: This productivity tool helps you edit bulks of files and share them with anyone. It also allows you chat with your co-workers and share documents with them.

Google Alerts: Google Alerts is great for public relations purposes and helps you build links.

Upwork: If you can’t finish all your tasks at a designated time, you can hire freelance workers from Upwork, let them do the work for you, and pay them for their service.

Pocket: Pocket allows you to save interesting content like photos, videos, and articles, which you can check whenever you’re free.

Trello: Trello simply provides post-it notes on your monitor that can help you organize your tasks and handle your time well.

Buffer: It allows easy sharing of articles through social media. Even if you’re out, you can check and share articles in no time.

Evernote: This productivity tool is great for multi-tasking as it allows you to organize files, save memos, upload photos and audio, and set reminders.

HootSuite: HootSuite is great for handling several social media accounts. This tool also helps you interact with your co-workers quickly with the use of social media.

Freedcamp: Freedcamp is best for organizing and planning projects. It lets you share your files and discuss them with your teammates.

If This Then That: This wonderful tool is great for social media lovers as it helps you connect your apps automatically with your social media accounts.

LastPass: If you often forget your account passwords, LastPass is the best tool for you as it automatically stores all your passwords and audits them for security.

SaneBox: This tool helps you organize your emails and evaluates your email activities. It also helps you know your priorities by moving emails that are less significant into a certain folder.

StayFocused: StayFocused helps you stay focused on most important tasks and keeps you away from time-wasting stuff.

Unroll.Me: This productivity tool organizes your email by piling up all newsletters into one folder that you can read when you have time.

Podkicker: Podkicker is an easy-to-use tool that helps you manage your podcast subscriptions.

Humin: Humin is great for business people as it provides you specific details of your meeting with every person you talk to in different business events.

Workflow Workflow helps you manage your time well and avoid things that will only waste your time. You can create buttons for certain tasks that are most important so you won’t forget about them.

Maria Dublin
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