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19 Other Ways to Use Kami

Notable PDF is a very clever tool, but we think our users are brilliant. We gathered 19 other ways to use our product.

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1. Graphics designer can easily drafts of her work to clients to gather feedback and update them with her progress.
2. Groups can use Kami in organizing events.
3. Embed PDF on blog to get feedback on upcoming e-book.
4. Send invite. Party guests can RSVP on the file and see who else is coming.
5. Brides can share files to her bridesmaids (and mom) to get feedback on her wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses.
6. Forget Facebook announcing pregnancies. You can upload your baby announcement on Kami and share the file to your close family members and friends. All their best wishes and messages are all collected on their Kami account without announcing it to everyone on social media.
7. Musicians can easily get feedback on a song they are working on.
8. Aside from using Notable PDF at school, school kids can also use it at home. For example, kids can easily share a PDF file to their parents and grandparents for their Christmas wish list they have made in April.
9. Rebranding your business? Ask your loyal customers about their thoughts on your new logo and branding.
10. Easily answer Sudoku and puzzles online. Go paperless and save some trees.
11. Tutors can use Kami to test their students. Parents can check their children’s progress anytime anywhere. 
12. Publishers send out pre-release e-books to some of their readers.
13. Musicians can ask some of his fans on his upcoming album’s cover art.
14. Easily organize online mystery games but posting clues and puzzles using Kami.
15. Fashion designers can send their lookbooks to media and stockists using Kami and collect feedback and orders online in real time.
16. Organizing a drawing or design contest? Use Kami to gather votes and get feedback and support in return.
17. Bands can forget bill posting. Upload your poster on Kami and share it online in an instant. You can also collect RSVP.
18. Zine publishers can use Kami to send out their latest issue.
19. T-shirt designers can use Kami to showcase their work, get pre-orders and feedback from costumers.

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