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10 Office Organizational Ideas to Change your Workflow

When it comes to the workplace, clutter is chaos. A cluttered work desk gives the impression of a disorganized and unproductive employee. You may have your system in place, and the clutter helps you to be productive and efficient. However, you share the office with your co-workers, and what’s organized chaos for you can just be a messy eyesore for them. However way you look at it, office clutter can greatly affect output and the entire workflow. Improve your office workflow by following these simple organizational ideas.

1. Keep your office reception area spotless. This is the first area of the office that people from the outside can see, and the first area of the office into which guests and visitors will step. Therefore, it should look clean and smell clean. It should be welcoming and organized. If your reception area is in disarray, it leaves a very bad impression for prospective customers and clients. If it looks this bad here, what more over there?

2. Use bold colors for your meeting room for that spark of inspiration. To foster creativity and great output during meetings, create a meeting room where everybody feels at ease while keeping a nice, pleasant, and professional atmosphere for when you hold formal meetings with big clients. It should be equipped with everything you would need to make meetings run smoothly (whiteboard, projector, TV monitor, etc.), and comfortable enough should meetings run longer than expected.

3. Keep your desk clear of clutter. If you can help it, keep the things on your desk to a minimum. Leave your office computer, a telephone, and a desk calendar. Everything else you will need (printer, fax machine, paper tray) can be placed in a work pedestal right next to your work desk.

4. Keep only the important stuff. Yes, it’s your office drawer, but you don’t have to make it an extension of your makeup bag. If it’s not office-related, it has to go. Keep the contents organized so you know which one to open if you need more staple wire. Throw out the junk that has not been used in the last six months or so.

5. Label everything. Put proper labels on drawers, folders, and storage boxes, especially if your office has a lot of them. Not only will your office supplies and documents be stored in an organized and easy-to-find manner, but this will also save time and energy when your co-workers have a need for them in the future.

6. Put a filing system in place. You can arrange your files alphabetically or chronologically, by project, by team, or by department. Color coding also works. You can also use pigeonhole cabinets. For emails, you can create separate inboxes or folders for your office colleagues.

7. Set specific work zones. Your work desk should only be for work. The storage cabinet in the corner should only be for work tools and supplies. The bookshelf behind the desk should be for reference materials.

8. Organize your work piles. Assign a New, Pending, and Completed tray. You can also organize your email inbox in the same way, to be more efficient.

9. Back up. You can save a lot of office space if you scan your documents and keep them saved digitally with online storage tools like Google Drive or Dropbox. Back up daily so that you won’t lose important files.

10. Keep all food delivery menus in one folder. When the days are long and deadlines are near, all-nighters are unavoidable. Make sure that everyone is well-fed and happy. Keep your food delivery menus handy and organized by type of food, the minimum amount of order, mode of payment, etc.

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